by Scott Katherine

A special group on campus has made their first impact on THON™ as they have joined the community in interest of raising money For the Kids®. Savoir Faire is an A Capella group on campus that is made up of all young women, and they happen to be one of the first all women groups to this day. Savoire Faire is included in a THON Organization which is called Unison. This group recently began fundraising for THON last year. Their main mission is to create a music-filled foundation where all people feel included and can have a sense of a safe space to bond with others, grow on their own, and have a great time singing! These young ladies often enjoy singing as a group and performing in concert settings.  

Savoire Faire is very new to the THON Community and when asked about their efforts in THON, Caty Sanchez, a member in the group said that they have done a lot of tabling at the HUB as well as participated in many FTK® fundraisers for businesses located in downtown State College. Now since they are new, they don’t have a paired Four Diamonds family yet, but they share many memories of THON Weekend 2023. The group had an amazing time connecting with families and hearing about the impact that THON has had on their lives. We had the chance to ask Caty a question that was very meaningful to her. When asked about the reason for her involvement in THON, Caty responded, “I THON for Cody Johnson, a family friend’s son, who passed away from neuroblastoma. I think that THON gives so much support to families like the Johnsons.” Through her involvement, Caty has been able to meet many wonderful people and form relationships that will last a lifetime, all while fighting for something bigger than herself.  

While Savoire Faire is still somewhat new to THON, they are actively looking for ways to grow their involvement within the Organization and support families as much as they can. We look forward to seeing them out in full force at THON Weekend 2024! 

Header Photo: credit to Jacob Sparages