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Alumni play a key role in helping THON fulfill its mission to combat childhood cancer. Over 25,000 alumni supporters are committed to enhancing the lives of children and families impacted by childhood cancer by working to facilitate fundraisers and spread THON’s mission nationwide.

Alumni can fundraise on behalf of THON within Alumni Groups or as individuals by joining THON Nation, our national effort to unite in the fight against childhood cancer. Join the Nation of THON supporters committed to turning childhood dreams into a reality.

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2019 Alumni Challenge

Each year, Penn State Alumni unite to demonstrate their continued passion in the fight against childhood cancer. The Alumni Challenge is a geographically based campaign that challenges our Penn State Alumni Community to see which state can raise the most money in support of THON. Gather with your friends, co-workers, local alumni chapter, etc. to organize an event and spread THON’s mission nationwide by bringing THON to your area. Put your community on the map for THON 2019 by participating in the Alumni Challenge. Click here to join the fight today. #AlumniFTK

See where fellow Alumni are participating in the Alumni Challenge from across the country!

“By achieving each level will result in recognition on THON’s Donor and Alumni Recognition wall displayed in the BJC THON Weekend!”


Inspire five of your friends and family members to donate to THON by requesting pre-made mail solicitations. This simple and easy campaign gives you the tools to make a tangible impact on THON’s fundraising efforts and obtain donations that can be credited to an organization of your choosing.


Did THON impact you as a Penn State student or now as an alumni?

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Kathy Andrusisin, '13

"Even though I have now graduated, I hope I can continue to help others see the magnificence of THON.."

Tracey Meyer Pulos, '83

"I successfully completed the event in 1983... and now, 31 years later, my son... Matt Pulos... is dancing as an independent dancer as well."

Robyn Passante, '95

"It’s true what they say: THON never leaves your heart, and neither do the kids you dance for. FTK Forever!"