THON Nation

THON Nation invites alumni across the country to bring THON to your communities by creating your own event, starting a personal campaign, or joining group fundraising online. For more information about participating in THON Nation, click hereFor more information about participating in THON Nation, click HERE.

Send it Forward

Send it forward to your friends and family members and inspire them to donate to THON by requesting pre-made mail solicitations. This simple and easy campaign gives you the tools to make a tangible impact on THON’s fundraising efforts and obtain donations that can be credited to an organization of your choosing.

Kids and Dancer Mail Call

Provide emotional support to our student volunteers and Four Diamonds families by sending mail to be opened THON Weekend.

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Alumni Challenge

The Alumni Challenge is a geographically based campaign that challenges our Penn State Alumni Community to see which region can raise the most money in support of THON. Gather with your friends, co-workers, local alumni chapter, etc. to organize an event and spread THON’s mission nationwide by bringing THON to your area. Put your community on the map for THON 2021 by participating in the Alumni Challenge.

Click HERE to join the fight today. #AlumniForTheKids

See where fellow Alumni are participating in the Alumni Challenge from across the country!

"There are four inspiring levels of gifts which provide you the ability to give smiles, give love, give dreams, or give life to those who need it most. Each level is associated with a distinct dollar value. Those who choose to donate will be recognized on THON's Donor and Alumni Recognition wall displayed in the Bryce Jordan Center on THON Weekend along with their corresponding donation level. Donate to the Alumni Challenge today and give smiles, love, dreams, and life to our families."

“By achieving each level will result in recognition on THON’s Donor and Alumni Recognition wall displayed in the BJC THON Weekend!”


Kathy Andrusisin, '13

"Even though I have now graduated, I hope I can continue to help others see the magnificence of THON.."

Tracey Meyer Pulos, '83

"I successfully completed the event in 1983... and now, 31 years later, my son... Matt Pulos... is dancing as an independent dancer as well."

Robyn Passante, '95

"It’s true what they say: THON never leaves your heart, and neither do the kids you dance for. FTK Forever!"


We are forever grateful for the continuous support of our loyal alumni. Every year our THON family grows, introducing more students, parents and families to THON. This year we are introducing THON Legacy stories to highlight THON 2021 dancers whose parents, or other generational family members, were involved in THON during their time at Penn State, check out these amazing family stories below!

Filandro Family

Meet Olivia and Chris Filandro! Olivia ‘22 was inspired to dance after growing up hearing stories from her Dad who danced for his fraternity, Delta Upsilon, in THON 1989. As she takes a stand with Penn State Crew in THON 2021, these stories will keep her motivated! Her passion and dedication for THON have only grown through the years with the support of her dad. Watch the video to learn more about this father-daughter duo!

McIntyre Family

Meet John, Lydia & Ellen McIntyre! John first got involved in THON in 1989 with his fraternity, Theta Chi. His favorite memories include canning trips to Pittsburgh, slides of strength and the line dance. After witnessing the love and support in the THON community, he was inspired to dance his senior year in 1991. Since graduating, he has loved watching THON grow, along with his daughters, Lydia ‘21 and Ellen ‘24. Lydia is dancing this year with her sorority, Pi Beta Phi, where she serves as the current Finance Chair. She first learned about THON through her parents and after being involved at Penn State, Lydia was inspired by her dad’s encouragement and her Organization’s Four Diamonds Family to dance!

Cinker Family

The Cinker Family’s THON Legacy started in 1991 when Mike and Dawn met at THON. Now, 30 years later, their oldest son Ben ‘21 will be dancing in THON 2021 for his business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, as their Donor and Alumni Relations Chair! The Pittsburgh based family have dedicated countless hours to conquering childhood cancer. Listen to how a mutual friend and a love for THON led to a second generation of THON volunteers, including younger brother Will ‘24!

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