by Scott Katherine

Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus, plays a vital role throughout the yearlong THONTM fundraising campaign. With unwavering dedication and enthusiasm, students and faculty from Penn State Fayette consistently make selfless contributions of time and money to THON’s mission of conquering childhood cancer. Throughout the year, the Fayette campus orchestrates a diverse array of imaginative and engaging fundraising events, fostering a sense of unity and compassion among its students. These activities not only raise critical funds but also cultivate a sense of camaraderie within the Penn State community, all in support of our organization’s initiative.

For this spotlight, the challenge was to come up with the most creative idea to fundraise for this past weekend’s THON 5K powered by PNC. The Fayette campus had the idea to sell Sand Art Necklaces. They chose a star shaped necklace to match the space theme of the race, Chasing Fearless Futures. After gathering the necklaces and pairing them with sand, paint pens, and other materials, everything was ready to go. For five dollars apiece, kids got to make a fun craft that also served as somewhat of a keepsake for the 5K.

Penn State Fayette Dancers at THON Weekend 2023

After hearing about this idea, we took the time to interview the Penn State Fayette THON Chair, Lauren Nedrow. Lauren is majoring in Business Marketing and Management, with minors in Project and Supply Chain Management and Corporate Communications. Her previous THON involvement includes being Fayette’s Special Events Captain. Here are her answers to a few questions about both herself and her organization:

What are your organization’s fundraising goals for this academic year?

Lauren: “Our fundraising goal for this year is to raise the most we can!”

What are you and your organization looking forward to for THON Weekend 2024?

Lauren: “We are looking forward to the special moments that our team will make with each other and others in the BJC and for our new members to experience THON for the first time.”

How did your org come up with your specific fundraising idea?

Lauren: “Within our org we have 5 captains and myself that meet outside of our normal meeting time to go over what ideas we have heard from our group or ideas in general!”

What is your favorite THON memory?

Lauren: “It is so hard for me to pick a favorite THON memory; I was a dancer in THON Weekend 2023 and there are so many moments and memories of the weekend that I will forever hold so near and dear to me that I simply cannot pick one!”

We thank Penn State Fayette for their creativity and their passion towards THON. Their commitment to fundraising and continued involvement in our cause exemplifies the power of unity and compassion. We are looking forward to seeing them again at THON Weekend 2024!

Header Photo: Entire Fayette group right before their dancers left for THON Weekend 2023