by Ella Rubenstein

If you have a passion for creating media in the form of either photography and videography, the PR Production and Photography Committees are looking for people just like you!

The Public Relations preference group is split up into two committees: Production and Photography. These two committees are responsible for creating all the digital content seen on all THON™ social media platforms. PHOTOG’s main goal is to capture photos that inspire the THON community at all pre-THON events and during THON Weekend. PRODUCTION’s job is to film and create high quality entertainment in all videos produced for events throughout the year and during THON Weekend. In order to apply, applicants should be comfortable handling camera equipment and are required to create a portfolio.

Production (PRODUCTION) – Amanda Scurci

“Joining a PR Committee during my first year changed my entire college experience. Public Relations has a hand in all facets of THON and is a great way to become fully immersed within the organization. The Production Committee is a creative outlet for students who want to be involved in THON and have an interest in video production. The Production Committee has the opportunity to interact with families and other members of the community while capturing all of THON’s magical moments. It is such a unique experience to create content for the digital face of THON and meet amazing people along the way!”

Photo: Kylie Canimore

Photography (PHOTOG) – Frankie Riehl

“PR is a very unique type of committee because there is so many interactions you have across the whole THON community which is a great opportunity! On PHOTOG specifically, you have the chance to talk to volunteers, Four Diamonds families, kids, and org members while you are taking pictures, and I always try to make sure that Committee Members are taking the time to live in the moment and not just sit behind their camera screen!” – Frankie Riehl

Photo: Lyndsay Surkosky

Cover photo credit to: Sarah Lynn DeCarlo