THON Weekend 2023 Org Dancer Spotlight – Emma Scattergood, AXIS
by Molly Ligon

Written By: Sarah Strent, Bayla Plower, and Colin Cross

  1. What type of organization are you dancing for?

“I am dancing for a Special Interest organization called AXIS. I am honored to represent this organization as this year’s President!”

2. How and why do you THON™?

“I THON for our THON family, the Calvanelli family and my grandfather, who is a cancer survivor!”

3. What are the ways you have interacted with your THON family/families prior to THON?

“Throughout this year, AXIS visited our THON families’ house, went and supported them at their baseball games, and went bowling with them.”

4. Favorite past THON memories? 

“I’ve loved being in charge of dancer gifts and giving them to dancer because it makes dancers feel special and motivated to continue!”

5. What has your favorite part of THON Weekend been so far?

“My favorite part of THON Weekend has been being surrounded by my amazing support team, my friends and family!”

6. What are you looking forward to within the next few days?

“I’m looking forward to seeing my THON family tomorrow morning, seeing everyone from my Org, and of course, seeing the total fundraised for this year!”