The THON™ Showcase 2023 Presented by KCF Technologies
by Molly Ligon

Each year, the THON™ joins together with the arts community for the THON Showcase Presented by KCF Technologies. Occurring this year on Sunday, January 22 at 7:00 p.m., this event is unique in the way that it can be attended both in-person or virtually. 

THON Showcase Captain Caroline Pelletier explained what the event is and what this has meant for THON and its volunteers.

“It acts both a performance-competition and fundraising effort that aims to inspire the THON community through the performing arts,” said Caroline. “We value our THON volunteer’s diverse talents and passions and love sharing them with the THON community.”

The performance-based competition includes prizes, with Caroline explaining that the “top performers will receive a variety of prizes, including large donations towards their fundraising total as well as the opportunity to perform THON Weekend in February.”

Caroline expressed why she believes that the THON Showcase is an event you don’t want to miss.

“I highly recommend attending the THON Showcase, whether in-person or via livestream, because the THON Showcase is an event that inspires our students, family members, THON families, and community members,” Caroline said. “This year, we have 14 acts in the THON Showcase, and we are so excited to see their performances!”. 

Caroline reflected on her personal experience and gratitude for the role she was able to serve in this fundraising year.

“Coordinating the 2023 THON Showcase was an honor and privilege as I got to work alongside many people to put together the show, and I cannot wait to the see full Showcase on January 22!”

Interested in attending the event? Buy your tickets, either virtually or in-person, here!