by Mehreen Hoque

Are you a first-year Penn State student that is interested in furthering your involvement with THON™? Well, you are in luck! If you missed the deadline in September, don’t worry another second! There is another way for you to get involved with a committee. The applications for THON 2023 First-Year Committees are open right now on until December 19, 2022!

The mission of these First-Year Committees (FYC) is to help empower YOU to take a stand against childhood cancer by volunteering for Penn State THON. First-Year Committee Members can expect to learn about THON and meet other passionate volunteers in the THON community. The committee will support the many initiatives of the THON Community through fundraising and awareness. First year committee members can look forward to all different types of shifts THON Weekend like concessions, security, and even a floor shift!

A First-Year Committee is an amazing way to be a part of something really special. Take it from Izzy Pinto, she was the DAR DEV Admin last year, and a First-Year Committee Captain. Now as the Online Giving Captain on Fundraising Safety, she reminisces how incredible of an experience it was to be a First-Year Committee Captain and how special it was to her to meet some of the most dedicated volunteers and help be their first introduction into THON. 

When asked why you should join a First-Year Committee Izzy says, “Being a first-year committee member gives the first years an opportunity to experience multiple aspects of THON, which is something that I think is really unique. It allows them to see THON from multiple perspectives and gives them an idea of how they might want to be involved in the future. An FYC is also a really great way to meet new people and become more involved at Penn State. The bonding that occurs through meetings and THON Weekend shift is so special and something that I feel is unique to this organization.” 

The First-Year Committee Captains are so excited to have you this year. One of this year’s First-Year Committee captains is Public Relation’s Publication Management Writer, Hanna Bernett, who wants you to know, “Being on an FYC will be a great way to find a group at Penn State while giving back. I am so thankful that I found my community through THON, and I am excited to have the chance to help others do the same.”

We hope you decide to join our THON community and help fight for more smiles and better tomorrows!

Follow this link to apply now!