Rachel Deveney is one of the four dancers from the Society of Women Engineers dancing this THON weekend, originally from Mechanicsburg, PA this is her first-time dancing at THON. She was inspired to join THON because she comes from a Penn State family, her older brother was in ATLAS and knew she wanted to get involved with THON when she came to Penn State. It was later in her PSU career that she knew she wanted to dance. After being on committees and getting to know the dancers in her org she says dancing her senior year was the cherry on top. During a normal THON her favorite aspect is interacting with all the families. She is making the most of this virtual THON by getting more involved with their THON family doing painting and board game nights with them throughout this weekend. To her the theme Rise and Unify means when people in general are faced with a problem they will come together and find the best solution, and that is exactly what happened this year with THON. Everything that was planned for their org was a team effort and the fact she’s had such an amazing weekend is super impressive to her. This weekend their org’s director, roommates and DR CM’s have been her and her fellow dancers’ biggest supporters as they all have been alternating shifts. Throughout the week she’s been receiving texts from friends who aren’t from Penn State and don’t fully understand the concept of THON still supporting her. To get ready for THON Rachel tried to get on a better sleep schedule to prepare to dance and switched to healthier meals to help her feel her best this weekend. Congrats Rachel for being a dancer and doing all you do!