Kylee McGuigan

Kylee McGuigan, a 2020 Penn State graduate, is from South Jersey and currently resides in New York City. She enjoys taking French classes on the weekend as she minored in French at Penn State. Every time there is a football game, Kylee is always watching with her friends and fellow alumni in the city.

During her time as a student, Kylee had different roles within THON. Throughout her sophomore year, she was on an R&R committee. During her junior year, she was on a DR committee. For her last THON as a senior, Kylee danced through a special interest organization that she was involved in. As a dancer, Kylee gained a new perspective about THON. She said that she was meant to feel what the children feel, which was very eye-opening for her.

When asking Kylee why she is so passionate about THON, she said, “I went to Penn State knowing that THON was such a massive cause that all students and alumni were banded together to work for. It was one mission that everyone could come together for.” She also explained how inspiring all the children are and how much she cherished interacting with the families.

Kylee’s two favorite THON memories were being a dancer and her first time on the floor. During her sophomore year, she was able to do the line dance on the floor with the dancers, captains, volunteers, spectators, and families. This was such an influential moment for Kylee that really drove her passion for THON.

There are many eye-opening experiences at THON, but the Final Four is always special. “The first time I saw the bereaved children video during the Final Four was life changing,” Kylee explained. Seeing the video was extremely sad, but this gave her a new perspective on the 46-hour marathon.

Kylee continues to inspire others to support THON’s mission. She encourages friends and family to get involved, donates, and has her company match each donation. Kylee cherishes each moment she experienced at THON daily and will remember the incredible impact being a volunteer has had on her for the rest of her life.