THON AR is an immersive Augmented Reality experience which takes users on a journey through a year of the Penn State Dance Marathon (THON™). From interacting with the THON 2019 Executive Committee to reliving past THON memories through image recognition technology, THON AR helps to bring the 46-hour no-sitting, no-sleeping dance marathon to life outside of the Bryce Jordan Center.

What to Do

Download THON AR on the iTunes App Store (for iOS only).

Connect to WiFi while using THON AR app.

Follow the on-screen instructions to learn about the app’s features, from the Four Diamonds Pop-up in “Learn Mode” to bubble-blowing in “Play Mode” and everything in between.

Photo Gallery

To experience the Photo Gallery in "Tour Mode," pan your iOS device over a blank, flat surface in bright lighting.

Tap the screen for a 3-dimensional THON logo to appear; tap again on the THON logo for a photo gallery to appear.

Tour Mode.

THON AR takes users through an Interactive Tour of THON™ as images in the world around you come to life.

In order to utilize this function, the eleven (11) images must be either printed out or brought up on the screen of another device (not the device the app is being used on). Access these images to unlock THON AR’s Interactive Tour Mode by navigating to the Photo Gallery within the THON AR website.

With the eleven images of THON 2019 Executive Directors and various THON™ moments before you, hold your iOS device still and pan over each picture individually.

Play Mode

Bubble Mode allows users to blow virtual bubbles.

To use this function, either blow onto the device, or simply tap the bubble wand on the screen.

To pop bubbles, tap the bubbles that appear.

Learn Mode

The Learn Mode enables users to interact with a 3-dimensional Four Diamonds Pop-Up.

To utilize this feature, point your device at a flat surface in bright lighting.

Slowly pan your device until a blue rectangle appears on the flat surface. Once the blue rectangle appears, tap it to engage the Four Diamonds Pop-Up.

With the Four Diamonds Pop-Up on your screen, tap each diamond to learn more about its meaning. Tap the diamond again to reset. Tip: move around the 3-dimensional Pop-Up to see its dimensions.

Dance Mode

Following the official start of THON Weekend 2019, the Dance Mode will be made available to users.

Users will have access to a step-by-step instruction of the Line Dance chorus by the Dancer Wellness Captain, as well as a run through of the full Line Dance.