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Nicole Mathias

Event Safety Director

Year: Senior
Hometown: Westport, CT
Major: Music Education
Minor: Spanish

Previous THON Involvement

THON 2017: Rules & Regulations Committee Member
THON 2018: Event Safety Security Captain
THON 2019: Event Safety Security Captain

What are your main duties as the Event Safety Director for THON 2020?

As the Event Safety Director some of my main responsibilities include being THON’s liaison to the Bryce Jordan Center, University Emergency Management, and University Police. There are many partnerships that allow THON to operate at the size that we do, so to keep THON moving forward it is essential that all parties involved feel confident that we, the students, will carry out protocols to their standards.

What is your favorite THON memory?

During the final four hours of THON 2019, my co-Captain and now co-Director Becca Aloi and I went to the Will Call area of the BJC. While we were there, a teenager with her parents literally wandered into the area. They seemed lost so we asked if we could give them directions. The teenager said she was a high school senior who was an accepted student for the upcoming fall semester, and they had just finished a tour of the campus. Their tour guide had told them that they should check out the final hours of THON. Becca and I gave them wristbands and directed them to Gate A. Getting to show an accepted student how we celebrate and honor our families has been my favorite way of sharing THON’s mission.

Favorite Quote

“It’s not so much what we have in this life that matters. It’s what we do with what we have.” –Mr. Rogers

Other involvement outside of THON

As a music education major, I’m involved with music ensembles in the School of Music. Through my involvement, I’ve had the opportunity to perform in world-class concert halls and international venues. This past summer, we went to Germany. There, we performed in lots of churches and museums of prominent historical importance to the music community, meaning I geeked out over everything with my friends for ten days straight. It was a music nerd’s dream.

Plans for after college graduation

After graduation, I plan to work in a public school as a music teacher with a focus in Spanish.

Anything else you would like to share?

Get involved! There are so many avenues to get involved in THON, and it allows you to be as involved as you have time for and are comfortable with.