Mail Call Information and Updates for THON 2017

Letter and package distribution to dancers THON Weekend is organized by the Dancer Relations Committee. Mail Call allows supporters to send both packages and letters to be delivered to dancers THON Weekend, whether it be for a specific dancer or a letter/package to any general dancer. Supporters can prepare care packages filled with fun games and toys for dancers (and kids) to enjoy or letters containing heartfelt messages, funny jokes, or pictures of loved ones (a few examples). All of these things are an effective and inspiring way to give dancers that extra push needed to complete the 46 hour no sitting or sleeping dance marathon. Dancers will receive their packages and letters separately; packages early on in the weekend so they have the contents for the weekend and letters later when they need the motivation.

Package regulations:

  • Packages sent must be smaller than 14”x14”x8”.
  • This is approximately the size of a sneaker shoe box or any medium sized USPS Priority Mail box.
  • Packages that exceed this size will not be delivered THON Weekend.
  • Any packages over the size limit or the package limit will have to be picked up either before or after THON.
  • Mail that is not delivered THON Weekend for any reason will be made available for pickup in the Hetzel Union Building (HUB).
  • Dancers will be notified via email if there is a package available for pickup for them (that will not be delivered THON Weekend).
  • If mail is not picked up after THON by March 2nd, 2017 packages will have their contents donated and letters will be disposed of.
  • Furthermore, packages must be sent in a box.
  • Gift bags will not be accepted.
  • Dancers are only allowed to receive 10 packages.
  • Receiving a large amount of packages can be overwhelming to dancers.
  • It can also cause an unsafe environment in the BJC by crowding the floor, dancer storage, and hallways.
  • Due to this new restriction we recommend only sending one package, getting a group together to send one package, or sending letters instead!
  • Where to send packages and letters for dancers:

  • Dropping off letters and packages
    Mail can also be dropped off in-person to 324 Hetzel Union Building (HUB) Monday-Friday between 10am & 5pm beginning January 17th until February 9th, 2017.
  • Mailing letters and packages
    Mail that is sent through the Post Office must be postmarked by February 7th, 2017. Mail must be addressed following the format below. Please make sure that you include the appropriate dancer name and number.
  • Penn State Dance Marathon (Mail Call)
    Attn: Dancer Name & Dancer Number
    227D Hetzel Union Building
    University Park, PA 16802

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Dancer Relations Mail Call Captains, Cara Perrotti and David Bailey, at

    For The Kids,
    Mail Call 2017