Wednesday, March 10

None of what we do would be possible without the support of our alumni from around the world. Penn State & THON™ Alumni never fail to show their loyalty through their unwavering support, donations, THON™ Nation pages, and efforts to continue spreading awareness of what we do.

We would like to highlight a very important donor group, our loyal alumni! As our alumni base continues to grow, we are so thankful for the Penn State graduates who keep THON’s spirit alive long after graduation. We thank you for your commitment beyond your 4 years at Penn State.

Impact of Alumni

For the first annual Alumni Wars, past committee captains were encouraged to fundraise on their respective THON™ Nation Group Fundraising page during the week leading up to THON™ Weekend.

The winner of THON™ 2021 Alumni Wars was:
Rules & Regulations!

R&R alumni came together to raise $790 in one week and a total of $1540 benefitting THON™ 2021! Even after graduation, they continue to make an impact in the fight against childhood cancer.

Thank you to everyone who participated in THON™ 2021 Alumni Wars and we look forward to expanding this initiative in the future!

The Dance Marathon Alumni Interest Group

First and foremost, THON™ provides emotional and financial support to over 3,700 families in Pennsylvania. In addition to the care, THON™ supports critical research with a global impact. Dr. Barbara Miller, Penn State Health’s Chief Researcher for the Division of Hematology and Oncology, commented on the funding that THON™ provides, “The money raised allows us to use novel approaches in laboratory based research to understand mechanisms that cause pediatric cancer and to find pathways that can be targeted with new drugs. It provides the infrastructure for early phase clinical trials to test how new drugs work and identify the best ways to use them together with chemotherapy.”

Alumni Association

The Penn State Alumni Association is a longstanding supporter of THON™. Over the past three years, the Alumni Association has sponsored the THON™ Weekend Pep Rally White Out by providing each THON™ supporter in the BJC with a white shirt. This year, with the virtual changes made to THON™ 2021, The Alumni Association provided these white out shirts to all THON™ 2021 dancers, committee members, captains and directors. Alumni Association Affiliate Groups all across the country also support THON™ by putting on THON™ fundraisers throughout the year.

THON™ Nation

THON™ Nation invites alumni across the country to bring THON™ to your communities by creating your own event, starting a personal campaign, or joining group fundraising online.

Visit THON™ Nation page

THON™ Legacy

Every year our THON™ family grows, introducing more students, parents and families to THON™. This year we are introducing THON™ Legacy stories to highlight THON 2021 dancers whose parents, or other generational family members, were involved in THON™ during their time at Penn State. Meet the Cinker family! Their THON™ Legacy started in 1991 when Mike and Dawn met at THON™. Now, 30 years later, their oldest son Ben ‘21 just danced in THON™ 2021 for his business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, as their Donor and Alumni Relations Chair! Check out their story below, and for more stories like this, visit the Alumni Page here.

Dream Forward: The Sue Paterno Interview

Sue Paterno, long term supporter and 1962 State Alumna, shares her insight on THON™.

Alumni Challenge

The Alumni Challenge showcases the vast reach of the Penn State alumni network by challenging alumni to show just how far their roar can reach in support of THON™. Our interactive map tracks our support from alumni across the world.

Interactive Map
Summary of Fundraising Activities (SoFA)

The Summary of Fundraising Activities (SoFA) sheds light on the impact that our donors have.