Friends of THON™
Monday, March 8

Friends of THON™ encompasses a large supporter network of individuals, parents and families, Penn State Staff, BJC staff, Four Diamonds Staff who are all integral to our efforts all year and every year. This large family of supporters has been committed to THON’s mission since Day 1, which is why we thank them on day 1 of the THON™ Thanks You Campaign!

The Impact of Friends of THON™

5 years of music therapy

1,773 weeks of nutritional therapy

8,865 weeks of out-patient treatment

4,255 lab experiments

13 months of Four Diamonds research operations

43 months of superior patient care with Four Diamonds

Impact of Corporate Partners

The THON™ 5K
Powered by PNC

The THON™ Virtual 5K Powered by PNC occurred on October 11th. This year during the Virtual 5K we had the first ever “Around the World Challenge” and the THON™ community collectively ran around the world twice, totally 57,279 miles! Through the support of PNC and the THON™ community, the total for the THON™ 5K was $109,633.07!

Giving Tuesday
Sponsored by Johnson & Johnson

Giving Tuesday is a Global day of giving that supports philanthropic causes around the world. Since 2018, Johnson & Johnson has provided matching funds for donations throughout the day. On December 1st, volunteers, alumni, and friends of THON™ participated with social media posts, call-a-THONs, and fundraising challenges.

The THON™ Showcase
Sponsored by First National Bank

The first ever virtual THON™ Showcase took place on January 25th and included 14 performances from a variety of organizations. These performances were either recorded in Eisenhower Auditorium or from home. The top 4 performances moved on to a Q&A portion about their organization as well as their personal THON™ efforts. The judges then chose their winners!

The top three winners were given donations from $750-$2,500 that would be credited to their organizations THON™ fundraising total. There were also 10 random ticket holders chosen to win $275 credited to their organization.

Matching Days

Matching days took place throughout the year to encourage fundraising efforts. These days were all generously supported by our Corporate Partners!

THON™ Parents and Guardians

THON™ would not be possible without the support of the parents and guardians of all our volunteers. You are our number one supporters as student volunteers, and we would not be where we are today without you. Thank you for your constant support throughout the year.