Student Volunteers
Friday, March 12

Our student volunteers put in countless hours, year-round to ensure that THON™ remains a success year after year. We are so grateful for our volunteer’s dedication to our mission and the families. Every volunteer is invaluable to our organization and cannot be thanked enough for all of their work.

Impact of Student Volunteers (Committees)

It takes countless hours, with countless jobs done by every Committee, here is a breakdown of the tasks Captains and CMs completed in THON™ 2021.

DR = 593 Dancers helped and supported through various initiatives

DAR = Around 10,000 Donors and Alumni called throughout THON™ Weekend

FIN = counted $10.6 million dollars

HOS = 5,000 dancer coupons distributed and over 500 loaves of bread distributed

PR = Facilitated 120 THON™ Weekend-related press interviews

TECH = All THON™ sites served over 2.8 million requests and over 1100 GiB of cumulative traffic with 100% site uptime across all platforms

OPP = Recycled over 50,000 cans through the TREE Program.

Impact of Student Volunteers (Organizations)

Penn State Fayette: $46,112.56 (Top Fundraising Commonweath Campus)

Phi Gamma Nu: $147,826.36 (Top Fundraising General Organization)

Alpha Tau Omega/Zeta Alpha Tau: $322,346.80 (Top Greek Organization)

Springfield $100,767.64: (Top Fundraising Special Interest Organization)

THON™ 2021 Senior Volunteer Awards Presented by the Penn State Alumni Association

Outstanding Fundraising Award Winner

Jacie Buller

For The Kids Award Winner

Olivia Simmerman

Awareness Award Winner

Nick McGrath

Volunteer Legacy Award Winner

Jamie Fink