THON™ Tax Identification Information

Penn State THON and affiliated fundraising efforts are covered under the tax-exempt status of The Pennsylvania State University. All contributions and in-kind donations are fully tax exempt. The Pennsylvania State University is an instrumentality of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and as such is qualified as a proper recipient of income that is exempt from federal income tax by virtue of Internal Revenue Code Section 115. This precludes any requirement of obtaining an additional specific exemption under Internal Revenue Code 501(c) (3), since the University is already tax-exempt under Section 115.

Contributions to the University are deductible for Federal Income Tax Purposes by virtue of Internal Revenue Code Section 170 (c) (1) and the applicable regulations there under. Therefore, your gift to THON is entirely tax-deductible.

Tax Receipting

After your donation, you will receive an official receipt within 5-7 business days to be used for tax and recordkeeping purposes. If you have previously donated and did not receive your receipt within the allotted time, please email to reissue this documentation.

Annual Tax-Deductible Donations

Through your tax-deductible donation, THON is able to continue to provide life-changing emotional and financial support for children and families impacted by childhood cancer. Because of generous donors like you, THON funds innovative research that will one day find the cure for childhood cancer. Set up a recurring donation to THON to join the fight for a cure for childhood cancer and receive annual tax-deductible benefits.

Any further questions about THON’s tax-exempt status can be directed to