by Scott Katherine

Written by Barbara Price and Cecily Battaglia

First Year Committee applications open after standard committee applications close, which gives freshmen who missed the opportunity to still find a way to participate in THON™. Students who are members of THON First-Year Committees (FYCs) can work with various committees during THON Weekend, assisting in many tasks. Joining a First-Year Committee is a great way for students that are new to Penn State to get involved and see which committees they would like to get involved with in the future. Therefore, going into their next THON Weekend, they have found the committee that is best fit for them.  

Every volunteer has a different reason behind why they choose to participate in THON. First year committees can form bonds with other freshmen that share the mission of fighting for a cure. Leah McFadden, a First-Year Committee Member, shared, “I THON because I love to be able to see first-hand the impact we have on the children and their families.” Leah’s favorite part of THON Weekend so far has been spending time with her FYC and knowing that she is putting effort towards a great cause. Going forward, Leah is excited to see the final total on Sunday. “I have seen videos of the total being revealed before, but it in person is going to give me chills,” she explained.  

Nicole Langan, another FYC Member, shared that FYC’s allows students to be around like-minded students their age. Nicole THONs for her sister, a childhood cancer survivor. Her favorite part of THON Weekend is the line dance. “I love it so much; I look forward to it every hour! I love the way everyone starts jumping around and the energy everyone brings,” she shared. Like Leah, Nicole is excitedly anticipating the Total Reveal on Sunday. Nicole also shared, “THON Weekend has been so great, I’ve been thinking I’ll come back earlier before my next shift so I can be here for longer!” 

All in all, First-Year Committee members play a vital role during THON Weekend. Volunteers spend time working shifts across all committees.  FYC members assist all other committees in their efforts, all in pursuit of a cure.  

Featured Image: Alexa Nystrom | THON™ Photography