by Magill Williams

Written by Colin Cross and Kassidy Borger 

Nick Olszewski is currently a dancer in this year in THON™ 2024. He is an independent dancer pair and is from Penn College. He has attended THON in previous years as a general spectator, and he also has past involvement through Mini-THON.  

When asked “Why do you THON?” he replied saying that he THONs For The Kids® and that his siblings were involved when they attended Penn State. Nick wanted to get involved with something that is meaningful and enjoys when everyone comes together for the same purpose creating a community. For fundraising this year, he raised most of his money from family members, writing letters and LinkedIn. His favorite memory so far is learning and doing the line dance. He likes staying active during THON Weekend and to keep moving so his feet don’t hurt. His favorite meal that he had to eat was a sandwich from Subway. In the upcoming days he is looking forward to being more involved with the kids. Nick also stated that he was excited about the Final Four.  

Featured Image: Alexa Nystorm | THON™ Photography