by Scott Katherine

Written by Isabella Lennon, Angela Ramirez, and Paige Moore 

Christopher Ferro is dancing in THON™ 2024 for his organization Atlas! Atlas is a special interest organization that spends their year raising money for THON. Their mission is to bring smiles to children’s faces in times of hardship and assure that the families are not alone in their journey. When asked about his personal THON mission, Christopher explained that he felt as though dancing in THON was his destiny even before Atlas. He remembers coming to THON when his older brother danced for Atlas in 2010 and he knew that one day he wanted to be in those same shoes. Special to Atlas is their fuzzy pink bucket hats that one of their families started as a tradition to wear every THON Weekend.  

Atlas works to fundraise all year round and some of their highest earning efforts of the year include DonorDrive, bake sales downtown, car washes, and co-organization fundraising.  One of the events throughout the year that they hold is a Formal in which the entirety of the organization gets to dress up and have an opportunity to bond with each other and the raising efforts for this formal go directly towards their fundraising efforts.  

When asked more specifically what Christophers’ favorite event of the year was, he explained that the car wash was one that held the title because it is one of the first events right back from summer. Now although Atlas hosts a lot of events just as an organization, they have five wonderful families who they also get to spend time with including The Smiths, The Gerenos, The Nortons, The Brobson’s, and The Garcia Ramos’. Atlas loves to do lots of things with their families, and most recently had a Super Bowl party with the Smiths.  

Christopher is not a new face to THON and has been around the BJC since his brother participated as a dancer, and although Christopher has had a lot of memories throughout the years his favorite memory from this year is seeing Walk the Moon and hearing his favorite song One Foot. Now when it comes to THON Weekend 2024, Christophers favorite meal so far has been Auntie Annes and even bonded with one of the Public Relations CM’s over the fact that they have both worked there at one point! Lastly, Christopher is so excited for the rest of the weekend and even more so that his biggest support system, his family, can come on the floor and see him as he stands for the rest of the 46-hour dance marathon! 

Featured Image: Maggie Chilcutt | THON™ Photography