THON Weekend 2023 Org Dancer Spotlight – Katherine Kuhn, Alpha Omicron Pi
by Molly Ligon

Written By: Brooke Richetelli and Mary Marzula

We had the opportunity to talk to an organization dancer from Alpha Omicron Pi, Katherine Kuhn, who is partnered with Phi Kappa Psi, fundraising together for THON™. Their mission is to dance for their amazing Four Diamonds families and support them. She added that many of them have overcome cancer and that they want to make all the families feel apart of THON. 

Katherine is in the process of becoming a special education teacher. She says she THONs so she never has to experience one of her students coming up to her and telling her they have cancer. She mentioned she writes a lot of IEPs which are educational documents, and her goal is never have to write one for a child with cancer. 

As a paired organization Alpha Omicron Pi and Phi Kappa Psi have had many fundraisers. They recently had a THON banquet where they raised a lot of money. One of their THON families were able to attend as well as parents of the organization. She loved that the banquet was able to bring the two organizations closer together. 

Katherine and her organization interact with their families at different events including THOOPS and the THON banquet. Their families like to come visit the orgs and talk on the phone with them. Katherine said, the families are very personable and easy to reach out to. 

Katherine had the opportunity to donate her hair at last years’ THON. Wigs for Kids posted a child wearing a wig made of the hair that Katherine donated. Katherine said, “I cried many tears when I saw that so for me that is what sticks with me the most and I am willing to do that the rest of my life until I can’t, just seeing how happy that makes one person it’s worth it.”

Katherine was excited to watch Natasha Bedingfield perform and be a part of the kids’ parade. Their THON families were right by their side and ready to support when they stood. Katherine is looking forward to the final four and the total reveal this THON weekend.