by Molly Ligon

Written By: Keona Montague

Throughout THON Weekend 2023, many organizations, fraternities and sororities, and clubs come together to support their dancers. One way they do this is by dressing up to make sure they can be seen by their dancer on the floor. In this blog, I will talk about the best dressed supporters in the stands. 

Starting with Giuseppe, they are a senior and member of Ohana. Giuseppe was dressed as a shark for THON. When asked why they THON, they said “I THON so the children do not have to go through something so scary and for their five Ohana families”.

The next costume was a pickle worn by freshman Josh Hasenau. Josh is a part of club wrestling and club cheer. When asked why he THONs, his answer was “I THON to share in the community and try to spread awareness of the cause. THON Weekend is an awesome time, but everything we do is ultimately For the Kids®.”

Another great costume was a hot dog worn by sophomore Chad Flarend.  Chad is a part of the snowboarding club and he said, “THON is a wonderful cause…” and he is, “more than happy to go through the 46 hours For The Kids®”.

One of the organizations, Trilogy x Phi Sigma Kappa’s, shirts along with their letters were Toy Story themed. Members, Michael and Chris, were asked what their favorite THON memory was and Michael responded with, “The connections and memories made over the 46 hours last year made me fall in love with THON”.

Chris said that this was his,” first experience with something thats makes a difference” and that he “enjoyed meeting the families”.

This concludes the best outfits and costumes blog of THON Weekend 2023. Hopefully this gave some ideas for our organizations and dancers to plan for next year’s costumes.