by Mehreen Hoque

Written by: Emma Dalrymple and Sophia Vicenzino

THON is a year wide fundraising mission For the Kids, that comprises numerous events for students, alumni, and families to all take part in. The fundraising events range from outdoor events such as the THON 5k, to fundraisers at certain restaurants around State College where all you do is order a bite to eat and part of the total goes to the cause! What is your favorite way to help raise money For the Kids®, or which event do you think best describes yourself?

Do you find yourself always looking for an opportunity to compete? Do you just like to get up and move your body to feel good? 

  • If this is you then you should check out the THON 5k Powered by PNC. This 5k takes place in October and has been gaining more participants each year. This race is perfect for all ages and a great way to raise money by taking a walk or run with some of your people through the campus! 

Do you have a favorite place to get food? Do you like going out with your friends to grab a bite?

  • Chances are there is a day that you can get your favorite meal and a portion of the funds go to THON! Local restaurants coordinate with THON to donate money For the Kids®. All you have to do is go on the specific days that the respective restaurant is hosting a benefit event and eat! There will be a Hospitality captain there to credit your funds to the organization, committee, or IDC of your choosing. Moes, Playa Bowls, Roots, Noodles Co. and El Jefes are just some of the few generous places participating in food fundraisers!

Do you like spending time with your friends? Do you like free food? Who doesn’t love to attend performances by students of our own?

  • If any of these appeal to you then you should attend 100 Days! This event is held in the HUB Robeson Center one hundred days before THON weekend. It is an all-day event with games, food, performances, and fundraisers that you can take part in to raise money. Also, the total money raised from the Dream Forward Campaign is revealed at the end! 

Do you want to make an impact with just simply using your social media?

  • DonorDrive is the sole giving platform to receive donations for THON, and it is super easy to get a link to your page to share your socials! This app allows you to create a personal profile where people can donate directly to your organization. You can put the link for it in your Instagram bio, Facebook post, snap story, etc. This allows you to increase your exposure where family and friends are—making this a great source for raising money. 

Do you want to meet our THON families and have a ton of fun with them?

  • The Family Carnival is a great way to interact with all of the THON families. There is a variety of games, food, and activities to participate in, and a great opportunity for volunteers to interact with the children. There are things like Jenna, ring toss and craft making, with all booths having different and fun themes like the jungle, and even space!

Do you love watching sports and supporting our Penn State teams?

  • You can watch so many different games, like Women’s Hockey, Volleyball, Field Hockey, Football, etc! There is sometimes even THON booths set up at these games where you can get more involved! They even do a ribbon on game day in the student section to support the fight against cancer!