THON™ 5K powered by PNC Bank Captains Spotlight – Nini Brown and Connor Patzuc
by Molly Ligon

Written By: Paige Balliet and Anna Janaszek

What committee are you captains for? 

Connor: I am the Medical Supplies Liaison for Supply Logistics.  

Nini: I am the Administrative Assistant on Donor and Alumni Relations Development.  

What responsibilities do you have at the THON 5K powered by PNC Bank today?

Connor: Today, I am going around and selling raffle tickets to anybody who is interested. I’m going to walk the course and just try to sell raffle tickets for a chance to spin a wheel to get some cool prizes. 

Nini: I am manning the PNC booth since the THON 5K is powered by PNC Bank. We are helping distribute signs, business cards, and PNC Bank wristbands. 

How do you connect to THON? 

Connor: Since my freshman year, I have been on a committee. I was in a committee freshman, sophomore, and junior year. All the people I have met, all of the family stories I have heard, and the countless stories of inspiration and heroes that I have heard and met is how I stay connected and devoted to THON. 

Nini: I had a girl my freshman year, who was involved in THON, text me saying how I needed to get involved. I got involved, and I was on Dancer Relations my first two years, and now I am a captain. THON became a home for me, it’s where I am comfortable. I love being involved, hearing families, and just being a part of it.  

Why do you THON? 

Connor: I could go on for an hour talking about why I THON. Mostly for kids’ smiles, and so that one day we don’t have to dance for a cure, but we dance for a celebration.  

Nini: I THON for more laughter, For the Kids®, for the families because that is why we do it, also for our dancers. I love being a part of THON and the organization as a whole is great.  It is so impactful in my life and in so many others lives as well.