by Mehreen Hoque

By Carissa Alers and Ashley Balderson

THON™ is not too far away and it is time to start fundraising. There are several ways to raise money, with the sole online giving platform being DonorDrive. Without the help of DonorDrive, committee members, org members, and other volunteers would not be able have an easy way to collect donations. The first step to creating a DonorDrive is easy, all you need to do is download the app or set up your account online. The process to set up the drive takes less than five minutes of time. A great way to help boost donations is to personalize your page. Personalization can be hard for some people which is why strategies and suggestions to create memorable and meaningful pages will be given below. 

On average, a personalized page receives 500% more donations than a standard page. You can use your page as an opportunity to tell the world why you THON. In order to make your donor drive more personal, it is important to set an achievable fundraising goal. Ask your close family members to make an initial donation to your fundraising page. You can also share a compelling story on your fundraising page with an image, text, or even a video about your committee, organization, or Independent Dancer Couple pair. Pictures speak louder than words. Add a photo of you at THON or photos of the event itself, as shown above. Other ways you can boost your donor drive are to share your page via your social media accounts, send emails through DonorDrive, and include the link in your emails and social media posts related to THON to advertise your fundraising page.

Making a personalized DonorDrive is a great way to raise money for THON. Use all the strategies given to help fund more to make an impact in the lives of families facing the battles of childhood cancer. The more personal the page the more donations For the Kids®. Applying these creative strategies will only take a few minutes of time but will help make the donation page so much more successful and meaningful. Start fundraising now and make strides towards your goal. FTK®!!!