by Lauren Medico

Rules & Regulation: Event Safety (R&R ES)

If you want to learn more about how THON is kept safe and well-coordinated, you might be interested in the Rules and Regulations Event Safety Committee. The Rules and Regulations Event Safety Committee is responsible for ensuring a safe and secure environment. R&R ES works to provide a positive experience at all THON Events to volunteers and supporters, coordinating the logistical aspects such as Building Security and Floor access. Hundreds of Rules and Regulations Committee Members work tirelessly to promote a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment for all families, guests, volunteers, participants, and stakeholders.

THON 2020

Timothy Nevil is a captain for his second year, but this is his first year on Rules & Regulation. He looks forward to ensuring that Rules and Regulations provides an enjoyable experience for all while not compromising the safety and security of the event. 

Timothy Nevil 

“I, like so many members of our community, have a unique journey that inspired me to join THON,” Timothy explained, “My personal journey is rooted in a connection to Four Diamonds and mini-THON where I was fortunate enough to work with my high school’s Four Diamonds family. During THON 2020 I was able to spend some time with this same family on the floor of the BJC. The smile and joy brought to the THON child’s face from the ability to just be a kid will be something that I will never forget.” 

Event Safety plays a critical role in the success of THON, and Timothy looks forward to facing the challenges this year brings as a unified group. He concluded by reiterating that the work of Event Safety applies to everyone at THON: 

“One thing that I think people should know about Rules and Regulations it is that the Red Family is there to keep everyone safe at THON Events. The rules that are in place are designed to make a safe, inclusive, and a welcoming environment for all. This mission and these efforts do not stop with the committee members in red; it is the responsibility of the entire THON Community to be conscious about the safety of others.”