by Mohammad Badghaish

Even with the THON this year being virtual The wonderful students of Penn State are still fighting For The Kids! From Alpha Phi Omega this year we have Mats Jonsson and Brianna Weber, or as they like to be called: MJ and Bri. MJ and Bri are dancing from their apartments in State College. This is this dancer couple’s first time dancing at THON but sadly their last. According to MJ, he feels Sad and excited at the same time as this is his last year in Penn State but he is also grateful for being able to dance for THON as he’s leaving to pursue a degree of law in Montana. Bri feels the same way as she is also a senior and leaving Penn State, but she aspires to come back to THON as an alumni after she graduates. Bri Describes her first Thon which was alpha phi omega last as “an eye opening experience” and being surrounded by amazing people she had a great relationship with. Bri came from Schuylkill commonwealth campus where she was in a group that would fundraise for THON for which they sent two dancers to the BJC. MJ describes it by saying “one of the best weeks of life!” and he was surprised with the scale and magic of the event. Both Bri and MJ enjoyed the line dance for THON 2021 but Bri especially liked the Line dance mentioning bear. And they both appreciate the several orgs and performances. Bri was excited when she saw Florian performing magic, as he is a brother in alpha phi omega. MJ mentioned that he is challenging himself by not standing and not sleeping the whole 46 of THON weekend, further MJ likes to change whatever activity that he is doing to help when his feet start hurting from standing to keep him going through the night. Bri fancies going on walks and getting fresh air outside and hopping on zoom calls with brothers and the Rowan family as a way to keep herself motivated. The dancer couple draws their inspiration from all the kids that battle childhood cancer and the fact that they are not just dancing but representing them. The dancers express their feelings by saying: we will do anything to support the Rowans!