Among the 592 dancers for THON 2021 exists the amazing duo of Marissa Stoller and Chloe Myers. The pair is dancing on behalf of their sorority Alpha Omicron Pi. This organization was the second highest greek fundraising org last year and does a lot for THON! Maddie and Chloe are both seniors and feeling very nostalgic about past THONS. When asked about how they were feeling that it was their last THON, maddie said, ““This isn’t what we imagined our last THON would be like but it is equally as special and amazing”. The two motivated students have very inspirational stories about how they got involved with THON. Chloe described that her mother is a two time cancer survivor and her 11 year old cousin is currently recieving chemotherapy. Seeing how cancer affects people first hand pushed her to become involved in THON when she arrived at Penn State as a freshman. For Marissa, her cancer fighting journey began when she was 11 and her father passed away.When she was younger she and her mother used to make fleece blankets and deliver them to infusion clinics because she remembered how cold her father used to get when undergoing treatments. She now serves as the primary THON chair for Alpha Omicron Pi and couldn’t imagine spending her last THON any other way.

Marissa and Chloe are dancing in a room at the Days Inn. The THON chairs for Alpha Omicron Pi and Phi Kappa Psi have decked it out for them in scooby doo style as that is their theme this year.Marissa and Chloe have a great support system lined up. They are dancing with 6 other dancers from the organization who they said “are like family”, both have been visited by their Dancer Relations committee members, and Marissa’s mom even traveled to State College this weekend to visit and support them! Both of them were really looking forward to the final four, especially the family hour because they love hearing the family stories. They talked a bit about how they viewed THON this year in all its virtual glory. Marissa said, “THONS mission has not been changed in the slightest bit because of the current state of the pandemic” and that “RIse and unify exemplifies how everyone has come together and rose above all the obstacles”