Dancer Spotlight: Ian Rafiuddin and Thomas Sotille
by Irem Atahan

Ian Rafiuddin and Thomas Sotille are both seniors and this is their first-time being dancers at THON. They are happy that they got a chance to dance as seniors but are sad that this is their last THON. They try to make the best out of it, and they are planning to still be a part of THON as alumni in the upcoming years. They got to build good relationships with their organization’s THON family throughout the years and the family is the reason why they are dancing in addition to other kids and families. Even though it is not what THON is usually like and it is not at the BJC this year, they are still dancing for a cure for childhood cancer. They say it is not about the venue, it is more about the message. Their mission is still the same, only at a different place. They currently have a fun and supportive environment in their apartments. They say it is good having their friends around and having help from their DRCM’s.

Ian Rafiuddin is from Annandale, Virginia and he has been involved in THON through several organizations one being Arnold Air Society since his freshman year. In his first THON, he was at the stands dancing with his friends. He also got passes to get on the floor and visited his friends that were dancing at the time. He says being on the floor was so electric and the energy was just great. He absolutely loved it and that is the reason why he is involved in it now. To prepare to be a dancer he got advised to go to bed early so he tried to get as much sleep as he can beforehand.

Thomas Sotille is from Doylestown, Pennsylvania. He was a Dancer Relations Committee Member his sophomore year, the THON chair for his organization last year, and a THON dancer this year. He first got involved in THON when he was a freshman by showing support in the stands. He was so happy to meet more like-minded people who were so passionate about THON there and that made him want to be more involved. To prepare to be a dancer Tom did cardio and stretches. He also mentally prepared himself before the THON weekend by reflecting on who he is dancing for and remembering all those people that are important to him.

Thank you so much to Ian and Tom for participating in the interview and sharing their THON story with us. We congratulate them on dancing and wish them the best!

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