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Donor & Alumni Relations Committee

Committee Color

Royal Blue


The mission of the Donor & Alumni Relations Committee is to empower, motivate and educate the THON community on how to increase awareness of pediatric cancer and fundraise effectively. It is our goal to help THON continue its monetary and emotional contribution to the Four Diamonds Fund by maintaining and building relationships with THON’s individual, alumni, small business, corporate, and foundation donors.

What We Do

The Donor & Alumni Relations Captain Committee works to maintain and establish relationships with thousands of potential and past donors. As a DAR Captain, you will be empowered to be the voice of THON to professional corporate contacts, the Penn State Alumni Community, and large individual donors. Donor & Alumni Relations is also responsible for benefitting all donors in order to solidify their relationship with THON and keep them coming back each year.

In addition to interacting with donors, DAR Captains also help their assigned organizations reach their fundraising goals as organization liaisons. Throughout the year they spread THON’s fundraising philosophy and have the opportunity to have a tangible impact on organization fundraising.

During THON Weekend DAR takes personal responsibility for the experience of all of our large corporate, individual, and alumni donors by giving exclusive tours, staffing donor suites and planning receptions. Some captains also have committee members that help with these responsibilities. As a relatively small committee, the bond between the director, captains, and committee members is a large focus and one of the most unique things about DAR.

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List of Positions and Information


The Administrative Assistant will serve as a project manager for DAR and will work with the Director to ensure functionality within the Committee. The Administrative Assistant will be responsible for taking weekly meeting minutes, sending out committee reminders and handling miscellaneous tasks that involve the entire Committee . He or she will be in charge of providing weekly inspirational stories and will work with the Director to lead team building activities at Committee events. This Captain must be highly motivated and organized.

**This Captain is NOT eligible to dance THON Weekend.


This Captain will handle the DAR responsibilities related to alternative fundraisers and donation boxes which includes approving requests and advising organizations.  He or she will also plan the distribution, recollection, and post-analysis of the Donation Box Campaign.  Aside from their Alternative Fundraiser and Donation Box obligations, this Captain will also work on projects related to promotions for the THON community. This is a relativity new avenue of THON-wide fundraising and will require creativity and initiative from this position. Additionally, candidates should be reliable and organized.

** This Captain is eligible to dance THON Weekend if given the opportunity.


This captain will be responsible for all alumni outreach projects over the summer and throughout the year. They will be the point of contact for alumni chapters and the growing number of new alumni supporters. This person will also work closely with the Donor & Alumni Relations Director to find creative ways to strengthen THON's alumni campaigns. They should be highly motivated and creative, while possessing excellent communication skills and a strong desire to spread awareness about THON in alumni circles.

* This Captain is selected in the Spring

** This Captain is NOT eligible to dance THON Weekend.


These Captains will work with the Alumni Outreach Coordinator on all alumni campaigns. The will help keep THON Alumni updated throughout the year and plan new ways to involve them in both Pre-THON events and THON Weekend. They will be responsible for coordinating all participation of the Dance Marathon Alumni Interest Group as well as general alumni during THON Weekend. These Captains must be effective communicators that are motivated to work with a larger, more diverse population. Experience with organizations that interact with alumni is preferred, but not required.

** This Captain is NOT eligible to dance THON Weekend.


The CCSG Captain will work collaboratively with Commonwealth Campuses to extend THON involvement across the entire Penn State Community. This Captain will work year-round with Commonwealth Campus THON Chairs to help them get involved and reach their fundraising goals. This position is fundamental to the success of any Commonwealth Campus seeking involvement in THON and can be challenging due to the distance from University Park. Therefore, candidates must possess strong communication skills in order to effectively explain THON’s fundraising strategy to the Commonmwealth Campus THON Chairs.  Also, as a resource for any questions or concerns, this Captain may be required to attend break-out sessions for CCSG THON Chairs.

** This Captain is eligible to dance THON Weekend if given the opportunity.


These Captains will work with the Company Sponsor Coordinator to engage and benefit THON’s small business and corporate donors. They will be in charge of contacting past and potential company donors, organizing a small-business letter campaign, and aiding organizations in company solicitation efforts. During THON Weekend they will be personally responsible for the donor experience of our company sponsors. Candidates should possess professionalism and communication skills.

**This Captain is NOT eligible to dance THON Weekend.


This Captain will lead the efforts of the Company Relations team to maintain and establish relationships with small businesses and corporations as donors to THON. Over the summer, this Captain will work with the Donor & Alumni Relations Director to assist with company benefitting, company solicitation, and analysis of corporate donors. The Company Relations Coordinator, along with his or her team, will also manage the company donor experience THON Weekend by helping to plan Corporate Donor Tours, Suite Set-up and Teardown, and the Donor Recognition Reception. Candidates should possess leadership, time-management and professional skills, as well as the ability to take initiative and meet deadlines.

**This Captain is NOT eligible to dance THON Weekend.

**This Captain is selected in the Spring


This Captain will work collaboratively to process THON’s massive amount of data and find ways to keep THON’s donors coming back each year. He or she must possess the analytical skills necessary to pinpoint donor characteristics and capitalize on them to enhance donor retention. This Captain will also be responsible for finding innovative ways to track THON’s donors for the future. The results of tracking THON’s donors will be used to make informed decisions and are therefore crucial to the success of the DAR Committee. Donor Analyst and Retention candidates should have prior experience manipulating data in Excel, analyzing information to find trends and presenting statistical findings.

**This Captain is eligible to dance THON weekend if given the opportunity.


The Donor Events position is a particularly THON-Weekend heavy position because they will be in charge of working with other captains to coordinate all of DAR’s donor events, including the Donor Recognition Reception and the University Recognition Reception. They will also be in charge of planning the decorating of donor suites and reception rooms in the Bryce Jordan Center THON Weekend. In addition, they will have the opportunity to develop new benefitting or stewardship events for the donors. Candidates should be detail-oriented and event focused, with a high level of organization skills.

** This Captain is NOT eligible to dance THON weekend.


These Captains are the only Donor & Alumni Relations Captains that are also leaders of a committee. The Donor Outreach Captains oversee two of the most fundamental responsibilities for DAR: Benefiting Donors and the THONvelopes Letter Writing Campaign. During THONvelope season, these Captains will lead their Committee Members in sorting, distributing, and collecting all THONvelopes. Also, throughout the year the Donor Outreach Captains will oversee the thanking and benefitting of all small business, corporate, and individual donors to THON. Lastly, these captains will work together to plan all-DAR events and manage their Committees THON Weekend. Candidates should possess leadership, organization, and communication skills, as well as a strong desire to create a unified and productive group dynamic within a Committee.

** This Captain is NOT eligible to dance THON Weekend.


These Captains will be responsible for creating a solicitation strategy for all current and potential donors in Centre County. They will also have the opportunity to be innovative in promoting THON throughout the area through local networking events for Centre County businesses. Possible projects include a local donation box campaign, promotion partnerships with State College businesses, and fostering relationships with new company donors.

** This Captain is NOT eligible to dance THON Weekend.


This Captain will lead the efforts of the organization liaison team in being effective fundraising resources to all organizations within THON. As a coordinator, he or she will be responsible for overseeing DAR’s role in the education of the THON community on fundraising practices. He or she will track trends among organizations, act as an informational resource for the rest of the DAR Liaisons, and improve organization fundraising in any way possible. This person should possess both analytical and communication skills. Prior organization experience is preferred, but not required.

** This Captain is eligible to dance THON Weekend if given the opportunity.


These Captains, along with the Organization Fundraising Coordinator, will be responsible for much of the liaising DAR does to organizations throughout the year. They will ensure that organizations are fundraising effectively by making sure that THON’s fundraising strategies are communicated clearly and frequently. They will create new resources for THON Chairs such as fundraising newsletters, How-To Guides, Cover Letter Templates, and Messaging documents to aid organizations in their efforts. Prior organization experience is preferred, but not required.

** This Captain is eligible to dance THON Weekend if given the opportunity.


This Captain will have the responsibility of leading the DAR committee special projects, which change from year to year.  Because of the open-ended nature of the position, candidates must be highly creative and motivated. Additionally, the Special Projects Captain will plan and schedule all of the DAR tours THON Weekend and work with other positions to organize DAR’s THON Weekend timeline.

** This Captain is NOT eligible to dance THON Weekend.


This Captain will work closely with the Donor & Alumni Relations Director and the Technology Committee to assist with various technology-based projects.  These projects include database maintenance, updates, THONline email, THON Weekend technology, and changes to THINK (THON’s Information Database).  This Captain will identify ways for technology to improve the work of DAR in the future and should be motivated, organized, and analytical. Candidates should have a background in technology.

** This Captain is eligible to dance THON Weekend if given the opportunity.


The Third-Party Fundraising Captain is responsible for reviewing, approving and assisting external entities who fundraise on THON's behalf. This Captain will work closely with the Donor & Alumni Relations Director to promote this new initiative and will be the primary point of contact between these events and THON. Candidates should be organized and have good time-management skills.

** This Captain is NOT eligible to dance THON Weekend.