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THON provides many yearlong programs for the Four Diamonds families. These programs allow Four Diamonds families to create personal connections with Penn State organizations, volunteers, and other Four Diamonds families. We highly recommend getting involved! Please read about each of our programs below and sign-up to participate at the provided links.  


The Adopt-A-Family (AAF) Program is one of the best ways for your family to get to know the Penn State organizations who are working For The Kids to fight childhood cancer! The Family Relations AAF team matches your family with a Penn State student organization for the year. This enables you and your family to get to know a group of students who dedicate themselves to THON, and it allows the students to get to know an amazing Four Diamonds family.
You and your organization will spend time together before, during, and after THON weekend. This includes pre-THON events and other fun activities the student organization plans. Students are aware of your busy schedules though and are willing to spend time with you in any way you see fit! In addition, the bonds you make with a student organization motivate them to go out and raise money and awareness for the Four Diamonds Fund. The student organizations you get to know are the same organizations that tirelessly fundraise on canning weekends, and your friendships and support truly inspires them!
It is our recommendation that every family is paired because it truly is one of the most rewarding experiences that THON has to offer!! If your THON Registration form is returned to the THON office or completed online before October 11th, 2013, the AAF Team will be able to match you and your family with a student organization before the THON Family Carnival and you can begin building a strong relationship with your student organization! If you have been paired with an organization in the past or have one that you know you would like to be paired with, please make that distinction on your THON Registration form. Please contact Brittany Robbins , Family Relations Director, at (717) 490-0855 or at with any questions.

Penn Pal Program

Project Penn Pals is a great way for your family to get to know a THON volunteer! The Family Relations committee matches your child/children with a THON committee or organization and you can correspond with them throughout the year! Penn State students love this program because it allows them to get to know an individual Four Diamonds family personally!
This program is also popular with kids because they get to write letters to the “big” kids at Penn State! We’re hoping to keep building the program by arranging for you to meet your Penn Pal at the Family Carnival!
If you would like to participate, please complete the page on the link below and include it with your THON
2014 Registration form or email it by October 11th, 2013 to – Penn State Dance Marathon, Attn: Brittany Robbins
, Family Relations Director, 210 HUB University Park, PA 16802. Once your child/children
are paired, they will be contacted by their Penn Pal!

THON Feature Family Program

Welcome to the THONTM 2014 Family Feature Program! The families of THON have and always will lie at the heart of this organization. They provide inspiration to our volunteers daily with their courage, honesty, wisdom, and strength. The Family Relations Committee gathers information about your family and creates a family profile to help our volunteers get to know you a little better. We would like to use your family profile in the following ways:
  • Family Feature posters displayed in The Bryce Jordan Center during THON Weekend 
  • Dancer Shout-Outs recorded at Harvest Day and the Family Carnival and shown during THON Weekend
  • Family Webpages featured under the Families tab on
If you would like to participate in this program, please complete this document and forward it in with your THON Registration or mail to: Brittany Robbins , Family Relations Director, by October 25th, 2013 at the following address: Penn State Dance Marathon, Attn: Brittany Robbins , Family Relations Director, 210 HUB University Park, PA 16802 or via email at

Families Helping Families

Each year, new Four Diamonds families join the THON family and they may be a little overwhelmed with all of the THON information and events occurring throughout the year and during THON weekend. The Family Relations committee can provide a lot of help, but many times what they really need is a veteran THON family who can help them sort through the information and help them understand THON a little more. That’s where you come in! We’re looking for families willing to lend the new THON families a hand. In these “adoptions” we’re asking veteran families to provide new families with helpful THON weekend pointers, meet a friendly face, and help them maneuver through their THON a little easier. If interested, please contact Brittany Robbins , Family Relations Director, at