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Redefine The Possibilities

This past Friday, the THON 2014 theme was announced: Redefine The Possibilities! The Executive Committee put together the following description of the THON 2014 theme:

“THON’s mission has transcended the past four decades: to conquer pediatric cancer by providing outstanding emotional and financial support to the children, families, researchers, and staff of the Four Diamonds Fund. THON, in large part, has been able to fulfill this goal year-to-year because our volunteers refuse to accept the impossible.  42 years ago, it might have seemed impossible for over 15,000 students from various backgrounds to come together for one common cause. It probably even seemed impossible for a child with cancer to forget their worries and smile, knowing they are not fighting alone.   What was once impossible is now beyond possible. At this point, we are able to truly redefine the possibilities.

Since the beginning, we have had one purpose: making a better life for these heroic families. We now have both the opportunity and the responsibility to do even more. It’s time to take what we have and redefine it.  And it starts with our volunteers. Our volunteers strive to ensure that at every event and every aspect of this organization, the families remain at the heart of it.   Our families are always redefining words like strength, courage, honesty, and wisdom, embodying the spirit of THON and showing boundless resiliency. Because of our donors’ support, the kids and their families can be helped at a brand new Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital. While it seemed impossible years ago, the constant efforts of THON’s volunteers and donors helped make this a reality.  With the help of THON’s families, volunteers, and supporters, Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital has redefined research and treatment opportunities for children battling pediatric cancer. Every day, THON strives to close the gap between what we can do today, and what we want to do tomorrow.

Possibilities represent limitless opportunities to change lives.  Every chance taken, every moment is just another possibility waiting to be explored and another life to be brightened.  Together we have already achieved so much but there is so much more to come.  If cancer is going to keep fighting, we will keep fighting back, and we will always fight back harder.  Our selfless dedication and immeasurable effort give children who live an absolute nightmare a chance to have fun, a chance to smile, and a chance to be a kid.  These kids will stare down a cancer diagnosis, barely old enough to say the word neuroblastoma, and live past their initial diagnosis.  At the core of this theme, we are moving mountains to support these heroes with everything we are.  We leave no stone unturned in this campaign for life.   

Redefine the Possibilities is a statement that we as a community will not accept the status quo if there is still progress to be made.  It is a call to action - a promise to each other and ourselves to create a better world.  THON is, and always will be, an organization that overcomes challenges, defies stereotypes, and redefines its possibilities for the benefit of the children and families of the Four Diamonds Fund.  With a will to push forward, possibilities are boundless. In 2014, THON is calling on its volunteers to break down the barriers that this terrible disease builds each day. Honor those we have lost to this dreadful disease, and support those still undertaking the fight.  We are at the point where kids don’t just have to imagine a future. They can define it. And from there, the possibilities can be endless.

We are making a difference, and we are going to win this fight.  Together, we will Redefine the Possibilities.”