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Your Favorite Moments in 2012

Happy 2013! As we plan for the year ahead, here’s looking back on some of your favorite THON memories in 2012.

@Stech:J @THON watching my 30 amazing @COMM_FTK committee Memebers grow closer and share their passion for battling pediatric cancer. For The Kids!

@LizGuessed: @THON seeing the hard work of #NNAG, #LIHWDI, & countless other amazing people culminate in a 1 and a 0.

@mrenaut12: .@THON easily dancing with Charles Millard and @HOS_FTK during the last few hours of #THON12 #perfection #myhero

@chaddd98: @THON being on the floor experiencing #THON for the first time and encouraging my sister! #FTK

@Micko9: @THON A tie between my BFF surprising me THON weekend & seeing our child Maddi with her hair back! #FTK #THONmemories

@ShannonHolzer: @THON seeing 15,000 diamonds up at the same time! #trulymagical #FTK

@WhatTheCsiz: feeling the support of an entire stadium when I was about to give up. #THONmemories @THON @BrandwineTHON

@RONstoppable: @THON watching the magice of Family Carnival unfold and seeing our Four Diamonds Families smile so big!! #FTK

@jleeglass2: @THON Beind a part of something that is so much bigger than any one of us. #FTK

The past year was truly amazing with countless memories. Each and every one of those moments can inspire us all for the miracles that 2013 is sure to bring.

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